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lots of power in a small outdoor box
The portables lithium batteries are remarkably small yet super powerful. The original Peli Case makes these 12V outdoor boxes indestructible! Available in capacities up to 100AH. Equipped with Safety Cells Outdoorcells technology for maximum longevity and cycle life. Compatible with any 12V electric outboard motor up to 80Lbs. The featured Anderson connector allows you to easily and quickly connect a electric trolling motor or other 12v peripherals.
lithium boating battery for extreme conditions
The outdoorbox portables are designed for those who want to rely on maximum security, even in rain wind and cold. The outdoorbox portables do not have any unnecessary connections or ports, thus guaranteeing waterproofness. The entry of moisture, dust or dirt is therefore a thing of the past. Where other outdoor boxes fail, the outdoorbox compact portable keeps going.
advantages outdoorbox portable
In addition to high performance, the 12v outdoor box portables are extremely small no matter what capacity. The compact portables are the smallest and lightest Outdoor boxes on the market. All portables are equally size so they fit easily into a fishing bag. If you use several portables, you can stack them so they take up less space during transport and in your boat. In addition, the portable outdoor boxes are compatible with stackables with which you create a complete generator and become completely dependent on the power outlet.