anderson plug original

At OutdoorCells, we offer only the highest quality Plugs and Connectors with low resistance so your equipment can perform at its maximum potential. We only supply high-quality connectors from Anderson Power Pole (original). With these Plugs and Connectors, you will get the most out of your Lithium battery and be assured of proper operation of your electric outboard motor and other equipment!

install lithium battery plug

Order the correct plug along with your lithium battery, you will always find the correct plug on the product page under recommended accessories. With your lithium battery you will receive detailed instructions on how to properly mount the plug to, for example, the power cables of your electric outboard motor. The contacts should always be soldered or mounted with an original Anderson Crimp Pliers (pressing tool).

let your connector install

We are an official Anderson Dealer and have certified Anderson APP press tools. Plug assembly at OutdoorCells is at no charge.