Solar Panel Fishing. With OUTDOORCELLS Lithium-ion Batteries you have a very high-quality modern energy source. To charge the batteries also when there is no power outlet nearby we developed the Solar Box. With ultra-modern powerful solar panels, lithium-ion batteries can be charged within a few hours, depending on their capacity. Basically, any solar panel is suitable, as long as it provides an open voltage of more than 24Volt. Add the OUTDOORCELLS Solar Box to correctly charge any Lithium-ion Battery through a solar panel. The charging speed and efficiency depends on the solar panel used. We recommend the Bluetti 200W folding solar panel. The Bluetti panel features original Sun Power Cells. These Sun Power Cells are the most powerful and efficient solar cells on the market. At full sun up to over 1000Wh of energy can be generated! This is the capacity of a 100Ah 12.6V Lithium Battery.

Smart and modular deployed

The OUTDOORCELLS Solar Box ensures that your lithium-ion battery is charged when a solar panel is connected and at the same time it can, for example, power your cool box or inverter. With enough output from the solar panel, your battery will never run empty. The Solar Box and special BMS in the OUTDOORCELLS Lithium batteries ensure that the output of the solar panel is distributed to the battery and consumer.


The Solar Box features a 12V output car plug and also a Safe Lock Engel connection. Because of the ENGEL connection, the Solar Box is compatible with coolers from DOMETIC Two Anderson connectors are provided for the Battery and the solar panel. Orange Anderson plug for the solar panel and a black Anderson plug for your Battery. The different connection and adapter cables can be found in the category CONNECTORS & CABLES