lightweight electric boating battery
Outdoorbox smart Lithium Batteries are the alternative to lead acid batteries. Moreover, Lithium Batteries are 80% lighter than a lead battery of the same capacity! In addition, the lifespan of a lithium battery for trolling motor up to 10x higher than lead batteries and a lithium battery can be discharged 100% without negative effects on its service life.
Portable lithium battery Waterproof
Do you choose one of the outdoorbox smart batteries then there is no need to purchase an additional battery box to protect the battery. Li-ion Outdoor boxes for electric motors are waterproof and suitable for carp, predator, catfish and boat anglers who want a powerful and lightweight alternative to heavy lead batteries. Also, the outdoor boxes are very easy to transport. The original PELI Boxes are equipped with a comfortable carrying handle.
Advantages of Lithium batteries for electric boating
In addition to its low weight and long life, a lithium battery can be recharged very quickly and efficiently with a lithium charger. A lead battery loses energy when you don't use it. A lithium battery discharges itself little to not at all, even if you don't use it for years. Moreover, an outdoor box portables is completely maintenance free! Find out even more benefits about Lithium Batteries in our BLOG
intelligent outdoor box (smart)
A high quality Lithium Battery has a BMS. This Battery Management System (BMS) ensures that a Lithium battery is protected against deep discharge, overcharging and short circuits. During charging the BMS ensures that the cells are balanced. This makes a Lithium battery last much longer and maintain its performance. With the Safety Cells from you also have a safe Lithium Battery with a Bluetooth App for your Smart Phone. The App shows at all times and very accurately the remaining capacity in the Lithium battery. The App also shows all other information that is relevant while sailing with an Electric Trolling Motor.
connecting a trolling motor
Safely connect your electric motor to the lithium battery for trolling motor. With the Anderson plugs that are present on all our portable outdoor boxes you can quickly and easily connect your peripherals such as whisper motors or depth gauges. Also, the original Anderson plug is more resistant to moisture and conducts current better (less resistance). You will find the correct plug for your electric outboard motor HERE. Would you like to have the plug fitted to your whisper motor? Then please contact us.