charging lithium battery

A lithium ion Battery Charger is different from a standard Charger. For every battery in our program we have the correct charger. They have the right charging profile (CC~CV) to safely and quickly recharge your Outdoor Box, for example. Never charge a lithium battery with any other type of charger. This can damage your lithium battery and your battery will not work optimally.

operation lithium charger

A charger lithium battery works differently than a standard charger you use to charge a lead-acid battery. Special lithium chargers have a modular charging curve where the charger slowly builds up the charging current and then, as the battery voltage increases, slowly reduces the charging current incrementally. In this way, a lithium battery is fully charged and the BMS has time to balance the individual lithium cells. So a lithium charger ensures that your battery performs at its maximum potential and increases its service life.

which lithium charger?

To determine which lithium ion charger you need, it is important to determine what type of lithium battery you have. A 3S Lithium Battery (Li-ion) has a charging voltage of 12.6V and a 4S Lithium Battery has a charging voltage of 16.8V. All chargers with a black plug are suitable for Lithium 3S (12.6V) and all chargers with an orange plug are suitable for Lithium Batteries 4S (16.8V). The charging current in Amps affects the speed at which the battery is charged. For optimal charging there is a rule of thumb; 1C=10% of the capacity of the battery. So a 100Ah Battery is best charged with a 10A charger, a 50Ah Lithium battery with 5A. Of course, a 50Ah Lithium Battery can also be charged with a 10A Charger and a 100Ah Lithium Battery with a 20A Charger.