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Safe Electric Sailing with an outdoorbox lithium battery

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Very Low Weight

outdoorbox lithium accu is Super Lichtgewicht! Bovendien waterdicht, stootvast met handgreep en is dus makkelijk mee te nemen. De outdoorbox neemt ook minder ruimte in vergelijking met een loodaccu en andere outdoorboxen. Daarnaast zijn de originele peli koffers bijzonder robuust. De peli koffers staan bekend als beste transport koffer op de markt met de juiste en toelatings certificering.

Waterproof lithium battery angling

A Li-ion battery in an outdoor box is waterproof. this makes them suitable for water sports enthusiasts, anglers and recreational electric boating. the outdoor box is the best lithium boating battery with the highest energy density. with an outdoorcells lightweight battery, you can not only boating further but your trolling motor also has more power! Moreover, you will never have to lift heavy lead-acid batteries again.

long lifespan

Li-ion Batteries last 15x longer than a lead acid battery. In addition, a Li-ion Battery is maintenance free, so no extra costs for replacement as with a lead battery. a lithium battery does not lose capacity like a lead battery, so you benefit from maximum performance. even in cold conditions, a lithium-ion battery continues to work optimally where lead batteries fail.