cooling & freezing up to -22 degrees

Dometic CFX3 Cool Freezer Boxes ensure that you have access to a cold beverage anywhere. But that's just the beginning. The Advanced cool boxes with VSMO compressor technology can even keep your food frozen down to -22 Degrees Celsius! For the Carp and Catfish angler who makes long sessions and has no power point nearby it was previously very difficult to keep fresh food long. With the CFX3 this problem belongs to the past!

ultra quiet and energy efficient

At Outdoorcells, we have tested the CFX3 Cooling Boxes extensively. When CFX3 is in operation it barely produces noise. The super quiet compressor allows the cooler to just stand in your divvy without disturbing your sleep. Depending on the Dometic CFX3 model a 60Ah Off-Grid Pro Box power the cooler for 3 - 6 days (CFX3 25 and CFX3 35) For models over 55 Liter (CFX3 55 to CFX3 100), we recommend a solar panel. The solar panel will keep the battery energized. With the special solar boxwhich is placed between the battery, cooler and solar panel, the battery is charged and the cooler is powered at the same time.

dometic cfx3 accessories

To properly protect your CFX3, protective covers are available. These protective covers are made of Thermo plastic impact-resistant and insulating material finished with 1200D abrasion-resistant Nylon. Besides the extra protection against scratches and impacts, the Protective Covers also ensure that the Cooler is even better insulated and also protected against UV and direct sunlight. In addition, the Covers have one or more side pockets for storing connecting cables and connectors.