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Give your Bait Boat Real Lithium Power!

Suitable for PowerCatcher, Baitliner, Navigator and all other feeding boats that have a standard Lead battery. Caution! Due to the low weight of the Lithium battery, you may need to add weight. If in doubt, please contact us. With a Lithium battery from VoerbootAccuNL there are no modifications to your feed boat or extra fuse needed. Our Lithium batteries give an early indication when they are almost empty, your boat will not suddenly come to a standstill on the water.

Supplied with plug

Lithium battery for bait boat are supplied with the necessary plug. In all cases, your boat is immediately usable with the new Lithium Ion battery. The sailing time will be many times higher than you are used to!

No self-discharge

A lead battery slowly drains within a few weeks. Your new Lithium- Ion battery does not lose voltage when you do not use it for an extended period of time. Even after a year there is less than 0.5% loss. Moreover, the charging cycles are at least 500 - 1000x

Maximum performance

Always built with the latest Lithium- ion cells of the best quality. FeedboatAccuNL provides solutions for direct replacement for standard lead acid batteries but also custom solutions. Does your forage boat have two lead-acid batteries? Then Contact us. Delivered directly from stock, ordered today before 12:00 delivered tomorrow! EU 3-5 days