lithium battery for depth sounder

When you connect your Depth Sounder to a Lithium Battery, not only does the operating time increase, your depth sounder will also function better than with a Lead Battery. The energy output is more stable and there is less chance of malfunctions. This allows you to better rely on the display of your Sonar device.

choosing the correct lithium battery

The capacity Lithium Battery required depends greatly on the type of depth sounder. A small depth sounder with a 5" Inch display uses less power than a 9" Inch Fish Finder. Do you fish from the boat for predatory fish? Then you need a higher capacity, because the depth sounder is switched on continuously. If you fish for carp, a Lithium Battery with a lower capacity will suffice. We recommend a 12Ah Lithium Battery for Carp fishing when using a 5" Inch depth sounder. If you are using a larger device such as the RayMarine Elements 7 then it is better to use an 18Ah Lithium Battery. For predatory anglers fishing from the boat or belly boat an 18Ah to 24Ah Lithium Battery is sufficient in almost all cases.

lithium battery for live scope – active target – mega Live Imaging

Advanced sonar devices consume more power because they have a powerful transducer and often an additional "blackbox" image processing unit. To supply these Fish Finders with sufficient power, there is the 36Ah and even 48Ah Mini Case. These Lithium batteries for depth gauges have the ability to connect two consumers. So with these lithium batteries you can power your display and black box at the same time. Advantage; no second battery needed, easy to use and compact. The Mini Case Lithium Batteries are extremely compact and are designed to always fit in the side bag of a Belly Boat.