Outdoorbox mini Waterproof

The Carp Fishing and Camping lithium battery in waterproof PELI Case are the ideal solution when you need a lot of power at the waterfront. An Original PELI Case features a comfortable handle making it easy to carry. Fits into any carp bag. The Lithium-ion Off- Grid Pro Box is compact and has tremendous power to power your cooler and inverters. Looking for a Waterproof Lithium-ion Battery for your Trolling motor and want to go electric? Check out HERE our 12V OUTDOORCELLS Pro Box for Electric outboard motors

Multifunctional Lithium Battery Case

Because the Lithium-ion Mini Case is waterproof, it can also be used to power your fishing equipment. Think of depth gauges and lighting. All components of the Battery Case very high quality and suitable for Outdoor use. The USB connectors with intelligent device recognition of the brand BLUE SEA SYSTEMS is completely waterproof and even saltwater resistant.

Different Capacities Mini Case

The Lithium-ion Mini Case is available in 4 different capacities from 12Ah to 48Ah and 4 different Colors. Each Mini Case has the same size and is equipped with 2X USB connectors, Voltmeter and on/off switch. An additional Anderson SBS Mini 12V connector is provided to connect your all 12V devices. For short sessions, the 12Ah Mini Case is sufficient. If you will be away from home longer, a 36Ah or even 48Ah is more suitable. Want unlimited power on the waterfront or while camping? In combination with the optional solar panel and Solar Charge Controller you have infinite energy for all your 12V equipment.

Lithium-ion Off- Grid Pro Koffer

Most devices such as phones, tablets and notebooks can be charged via USB while carp fishing with the Lithium-ion Mini Case. However, we see more and more Carp and Catfish Fishermen during long fishing trips power consumers such as inverters and electric cool boxes. These devices require much more Energy and often a higher voltage. This is why we developed the Off- Grid Pro Box. Due to the higher voltage and wider voltage range, the full capacity of the Lithium-ion Battery can be utilized. In addition, the Off-Grid Pro Box is equipped with a whole range of connection options such as a SafeLock connector for Dometic Coolers, USB and an Anderson SB 50 for inverters up to 4000Watts! Also, the Off- Grid Pro Box features BLUETOOTH and is rechargeable via the home power outlet as well as with the optional Solarpanel.